Growth with Innovation

  • Berg, Stine (Head coordinator)

Project: Research

Project Details


The project “Growth with Innovation” aims to contribute the knowledge regarding drivers and especially barriers in innovation in small and medium sized Danish manufacturing companies. Thus, the aim is to motivate companies to increase their focus on their innovation initiatives by enhancing their competences and thus increase innovation. In the long haul this is expected to improve the productivity and thus the competitive performance. One of the premises of the project is that the participating companies have initiated innovation projects but have experienced barriers which slowed down and/or tampered the innovation process. It is crucial that the important barriers are identified, for the companies to plan for and overcome the hampering factors. The project uses a broad definition of the term innovation, however not limited to, introducing to new or improved products, processes, organisational and/or marketing initiatives
The project is in collaboration with CBS and Teknologisk Institut and is funded by Industriens Fond. And SDU is responsible for the interactive studies, which mean we conduct analyse qualitative interviews, and hold workshops for Danish manufacturing companies
Effective start/end date01/08/201831/07/2020