Forsvarsministeriet - Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste - Center for Cybersikkerhed - CyberSecurity Days 2019

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October is a National cyber month which is a spin-off of the ENISA cyber
month. We aim to organize a two-day event, dubbed CyberSecurity Days, to
promote the cyber agenda in DK at a wide audience.

The event will be open to industry, public, and student participation. 50
participants are planned. The event will take place in a central location like
Odense to attract people from all over Denmark.

The CyberSecurity Days event will serve as a place where educational
institutions, industry, public companies, and students can meet, and will have
opportunities to informally discuss security and future collaborations in the
security field.

At the CyberSecurity Days, the collaborating educational institutions will
present current selections from their course programs. Typically, an institution
will be given the responsibility for a lecture, selected based on the outcome of
the successful cybersecurity summer held in August in Copenhagen and
financed by CFCS. It is sought that the individual educators be present for two
days and participate in the informal meeting activities
Effective start/end date16/09/201931/12/2019