Research Network Imagining the Impossible: The Fantastic as Media Entertainment and Play

  • Schubart, Rikke (Head coordinator)
  • wille, jakob ion (CoI)
  • Bruun Vaage, Margrethe (CoI)
  • Ndalianis, Angela (CoI)
  • Albertsen, Anita Nell Bech (CoI)
  • Iversen, Sara Mosberg (Head coordinator)
  • Clasen, Mathias (CoI)
  • Andersen, Marc Malmdorf (CoI)
  • Bacchilega, Cristina (CoI)
  • juul, jesper (CoI)
  • Howell, Amanda (CoI)
  • Green, Stephanie (CoI)
  • Joyce, Stephen (CoI)

Project: Research


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