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Background: Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally, and physicalactivity is essential in the prevention of morbidity, mortality, andhospitalizations. For many, the amount of physical activity decreases aftercompletion of a cardiac rehabilitation program, and a model that supports long-termbehavior change with a sustained level of physical activity is imperative. Textmessages as a mobile health (mHealth)/eHealth intervention have provenan effective way to promote an active lifestyle.

Purpose: The project aims to evaluate the feasibility of a mobile healthintervention with text messages and behavior change theory in patients withcardiovascular disease for a duration of 3 months after completion of a cardiacrehabilitation program.

Methods: In this feasibility trial, 40 participants are recruited from cardiacrehabilitation at Slagelse Hospital, the City of Slagelse (municipality), orHolbæk Hospital. When completing the cardiac rehabilitation program, eachparticipant creates and action plan for physical activity. Following that, participantsare sent two weekly text messages for three months. The first text messagesprompts physical activity, the second asks if plans were reached. A healthprofessional coordinator calls participants to guide in physical activities andhelp establish contact to local activities. Other than that, participantscontinue with their usual physical activities, and their physical activity ismeasured. Recruitment, execution, and practicalities are evaluated and provideimportant information about the intervention’s feasibility. In addition, theintervention is evaluated qualitatively through interviews with participants. Theproject originates from The Research Unit PROgrez, Department of Physiotherapyand Occupational Therapy, Næstved-Slagelse-Ringsted Hospitals, and is a part ofthe research program Exercise First.

Perspectives: The goal is to help as many as possible to maintain an active lifestyle,thus leading to a higher quality of life and survival for patients with heartdisease. The project tests intervention and procedures ahead of investigatingthe effect in a larger sample. The knowledge generated about mHealth/eHealth formaintenance of physical activity may be transferable to other patient groupswith chronic diseases.

Effective start/end date30/08/202130/06/2022

Collaborative partners

  • PROgrez: Patient-Related Objectives: Generating better Rehabilitation, Treatment, Exercise and Diagnostics - Region Zealand (Project partner) (lead)
  • Slagelse Kommune (Project partner)
  • Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics
  • Københavns Professionshøjskole (Project partner)
  • Holbæk Sygehus (Project partner)


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