Ergonomic problems in stevedores in Balboa and Cristobal Ports of Panamá, Mahre-Net

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October 2020 the European Union launched a campaign of musculoskeletal problems in the workplace for all types of jobs. However, as the maritime sector is relatively small, less than 1% of the population, this campaign will not really reach our maritime target groups -> [1]. There is evidence that significant musculoskeletal problems exist in all maritime occupations and a problem detection with the well-known NMQ tool is highly relevant. The work of dockworkers has traditionally consisted of heavy manual lifting and although automation has reduced the workload, there are still many factors that can influence the health of dockworkers. These factors make work dangerous in different ways [2] The literature suggests that working different shifts, suffering from fatigue or not paying enough attention to work are factors that can influence the level of safety in the workplace [3] . Currently in the meeting with the Syndicates 20 Feb 2021 of SINTRAPORSPA [4] and representatives of MAHRE-Net [5] they have set the general objectives: 1) To know the problems at work that affect health and safety at work 2) To do a proposal of research topics. In consensus, it was estimated that health problems related to body postures are more notorious and complain of workers handling heavy equipment. One of the problems is that the drivers' seats are in poor condition, due to the turnicidad that is 1.5 hours of stop per day for these teams. Maintenance is basic and does not contemplate ergomic adjustments to the driver's position.In the transport process, with the rolling equipment, braking is necessary and this in the chassis produces an effect of inertia movement and this affects the normal position of the vehicle. backbone of the worker.
A cross-sectional epidemiological study will be conducted through the use of questionnaires distributed by mail on the work environment (n=1100), Division in geographical areas, self-assessment of health, demographic information, smoking questions, height and weight for the Body Mass Index, related to chronic disease prevention in order to stay in line with DiMoPEx (CA 15129)
Effective start/end date06/03/202105/03/2026