• Havelund, Jonas (Co-PI)
  • Almgren, Anders (Co-PI)
  • Lundberg, Filip (Co-PI)
  • Williams, Neil (Co-PI)

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ENABLE Sweden is a project that aims to promote multi-stakeholder collaboration between the main stakeholders in Swedish football. ENABLE Sverige wants to:- contribute to the positive and sustainable development of Swedish football, where the football sector, supporters and police work together to identify and achieve common goals.- contribute to a nuanced, knowledge-based and inclusive public debate about the opportunities and challenges that football offers.ENABLE Sweden wants to support and develop sustainable collaboration within Swedish football along with the development of welcoming, safe, secure and atmospheric elite football events.This is done through:- Strengthen collaboration: ENABLE Sweden wants to contribute to sustainable collaboration and mutual understanding among football’s main stakeholders, by offering a dialogue platform and a knowledge base for constructive conversations.- Knowledge development & dissemination: ENABLE Sweden wants to participate in the development and dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge among football’s stakeholders.- Method development: ENABLE Sweden wants to support our partners in developing working methods in their organizations or events by identifying and spreading ‘good practice’ within Swedish football.In June 2019 the project was awarded Gold at the Corporate Engagement Awards held in London. The award for the Best Sports and Leisure Programme was part of the section named “Partnerships”. The jury’s decision making was based on our approach to the highly charged public debate around football and rewarded the systematic collaborative model we have developed to ensure a positive and sustainable work within those conditions. Part of the motivation:”Judges agreed the project identified a clear problem and worked collaboratively to deliver the solution. It had a ’fascinating methodology and [was] very well thought out, with a strategic focus,’ said one judge. Another added, ’A valuable piece of work addressing a significant issue within the footballing community in Sweden, developing best practices that can be applied in other countries to address similar issues.’”
Effective start/end date01/01/201831/12/2022

Collaborative partners

  • Djurgårdens IF (lead)
  • Föreningen Svensk Elitfotboll


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