DFF - DEveloping geoengineering tools to Systematically Increase ocean REsilience to climate change (DESIRE- ERC)

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The proposed project DEveloping geoengineering tools to Systematically Increase ocean REsilience to climate change (DESIRE- ERC) was submitted as an ERC starting grant application in 2019, and was forwarded to the second round. The overall evaluation resulted in a score of 82% and ranked within the B category. The application centered around the development and testing of a novel technique, ocean alkalinity enhancement, used to promote carbon doxide (CO2) uptake into the ocean, while protecting biodiversity, and hindering the ongoing acidification of marine waters. The project has been reviewed by ten experts. The ground-breaking nature and potential impact of the research
project as well as the intellectual capacity and creativity of the PI were ranked in the excellent to exceptional range. The major criticism targeted parts of the scientific approach with the central points of criticism being related to work packages (WP) two and three, containing culture- and field-based experiments and a model- based analysis and upscaling approach. With regard to the
ieldexperiments planned to be carried out in mesocosms and at two sites in the ocean, the global relevance and upscaling potential were questioned. The model work was further not considered to be described and planned clearly enough. Therefore this application has the goal to first develop another fieldbased approach by building up on currently produced results from a similar project which has been granted in 2020 (Villum Young Investigator, VYI) and upscale the direct experiments to whole ocean regions. Second, the aim is to identify and establish a suitable, more focussed model strategy and test
the chosen methods, in order to implement them into a new application to the ERC in 2022. To this end, it has to be noted that the PI will not re-apply for an ERC-StG but for an ERC-CoG due to both, the PhD age and obtaining another starting grant. A substantial part of preparing the re-application will be dedicated to work out a more advanced competitive edge of the project by the modifications of the field studies and the modeling WP
Effective start/end date01/01/202130/04/2022