Danish Maritime Fund: Verification of ballast water treatment systems

  • Holbech, Henrik (Head coordinator)
  • Lundgreen, Kim (Co-PI)
  • Pedersen, Knud Ladegaard (Co-PI)
  • Petersen, Gitte Ingelise (Co-PI)

Project: Research

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To prevent the spread of invasive species via ships ballast water. Global regulations have been implemented by UN and USCG. These regulations require treatment of the ballast water before released to the environment to render organisms including algae un-viable/dead. The project do research in molecular markers of viability in algae and development of an automated method to evaluate death and viability in algae after exposure to UV irradiation.
Short titleProject 2016-046
Effective start/end date03/10/201630/09/2019


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