Connections and Obstacles: Sustainable Arctic Marine Tourism (CO: SAMT)

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Plentiful marine resources, rising global incomes, decreasing access costs, and increasing availability of information about experiences in the Nordic Arctic are increasing the hopes that marine tourism can be a pillar of development, and that it must be sustainable. Sustainability, however, cannot occur without greater understanding and inclusion of both the supply-side concerns over the limitations of Arctic infrastructure and marine resource capacities, and the demand-side interests and needs of potential tourists. We seek to understand Japanese and Korean tourism interests, and the consequences for sustainable marine tourism development, through enhanced cooperation between Japan, Korea and Arctic states. We focus on Korea and Japan as these countries have well established research interests in the Arctic, and a diversity of marine tourism interests domestically and abroad. At the same time, sheer scale is not the overwhelming issue, as it is with China. Thus, we can address important questions about whether and how sustainable Arctic tourism is fundamentally limited in scale and scope or whether key investments in infrastructure and information can accommodate sustained and sustainable growth. This requires integrating research in Japan and Korea on tourism characteristics with understanding of Arctic infrastructures, including factors such as cruise and port facilities; digital communications throughout tourism experiences; safe, sustainable management of extractive and non-consumptive human-wildlife interactions; and other ‘on the ground’ operations.
Effective start/end date01/04/201930/09/2020