Cell tomography for advanced cancer surgery

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The visual representation of microscopic changes in human cells that are associated with cancer is essential for their diagnosis and treatment. Modern imaging methods at the strong university clinics and at important research and development laboratories in the region on the German and Danish sides (UKSH and OUH) offer a great opportunity to examine these changes quickly and reliably. By combining new, complementary techniques, the diagnostics will be significantly improved and validated by the hospitals. So far, there has been no cross-border exchange of knowledge between research and development facilities, clinics and interested companies.

Layman's description

Cancer! The word alone sends a shiver down your spine. Everyone knows someone who has cancer and many have lost a close relative to cancer. The uncertainty after an operation is bad: "Have the tumor completely disappeared?" This is exactly where CellTom comes into play. The project partners will develop a new, innovative and reliable diagnostic method for cancer treatment that enables doctors to check whether a tumor has been completely removed during an operation. The process that is being developed by CellTom combines advanced imaging technologies across national borders and will also make them available to other industries and the entire program region. CellTom is also planning to set up a virtual service center that will serve as a contact point for interested institutions, doctors and companies who can benefit from the use of the new imaging methods.

Overall, the project will contribute to increased knowledge in the program region and ongoing innovations that create new jobs - and not just in the health sector. The project is carried out in a cross-border context, as the partners can combine their complementary techniques and know-how here. The combination enables the development of a reliable diagnostic method. This is an important step for cancer research and for individuals with cancer who will experience a shorter period of uncertainty.
Short titleCelltom
Effective start/end date01/04/201731/03/2020


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