Carlsbergfondet, Oana Albu

  • Albu, Oana Brindusa (PI)

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Corruption is a global phenomenon with major negative consequences for business and
society (Milton-Smith, 2002). Research indicates that global anti-corruption policies represent an
important foundation for the campaign against corruption and improving social conditions (Rijkers,
Freund & Nucifora, 2014). The importance of anti-corruption policies has resulted in a demand
their implementation globally. However, there is a lack of knowledge concerning the
implementation of global anti-corruption measures in geo-politically important regions (Hindess,
2005). For instance, studies indicate that global anti-corruption policies often fail in non-Western
emerging democracies because they enforce conformity based on a standard that disregards the
ethical, social and cultural predispositions of the regulated subjects (Everett, Neu & Shiraz, 2006).
Therefore, a new framework is needed for improving the development and implementation of
global anti-corruption measures.
The project will cover a research gap concerning the development of global anti-corruption
policies that avoid negative consequences and foster transparency, sustainable communities and
organizational infrastructures. The project uses the case of Tunisia for exploring the implementation of global anti-corruption policies. Tunisia is an important site for the data collection and theoretical framework of the project because it will be a revelatory case (Yin, 1994) about anti-corruption policies from a non-Western context that is important but has not been explored. That is, the case will shed light on the implementation of standardized anti-corruption measures and their development by Western actors in a North African emerging democracy. Subsequently, the project has an important social impact, as it will create a knowledge base for better practices concerning the implementation of global anti-corruption policies in non-Western geo-politically relevant contexts.
The project will investigate the following research questions:
What global anti-corruption measures have been implemented in Tunisia and what are their
consequences on civil society?

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Effective start/end date13/03/201531/08/2015