Carlsberg Conference; Consumer Culture Theory Conference (CCTC) 2018

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The Consumer Culture Theory Conference (CCTC) is the leading international academic conference for research done within the tradition of consumer culture theory (CCT) and the official conference of the Consumer Culture Theory Consortium. CCT is a field of investigation that treats consumption as a cultural phenomenon, rather than a purely psychological or economic one. Since the first CCTC in 2006, the number of participants has been steadily rising, reflecting the increasing recognition of culturally oriented studies within consumer research. The CCTC 2018 will help cement the position of the University of Southern Denmark as the world’s leading research environment for CCT research.

The objective of the CCTC 2018 is to bring together CCT and adjacent academic fields that explore the cultural dimensions of markets and consumption, in particular the fields of sociology of consumption, market anthropology and constructivist market studies. In recent years, institutional pressures have pushed CCT and these fields apart and hampered the cross-fertilization between them. Serving as a guard against disciplinary entrenchment, the conference will draw together scholars from both CCT and neighboring research communities and foster conversation across disciplinary boundaries. In this way, the conference will offer a unique opportunity for opening up new and stimulating intellectual avenues and make a significant contribution to the academic and policy debates related to market systems and consumption in its various guises.

This application seeks to secure the funds for inviting three exceptional keynote speakers to the conference, one from each of the three mentioned academic communities that the conference aims to engage. Their presence at the conference will ensure that CCT and these related fields remain united in their common mission towards solving the pressing puzzles of consumer culture.

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Effective start/end date01/06/201831/07/2018