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BRIDGE-Health (BRidging Information and Data Generation for Evidence-based Health Policy and Research) aims to create European health information (EU-HI) and data generation networks covering major EU health policy areas. The network uses comprehensive experience and assures a knowledge transfer from past health and research frameworks.
The aim is to work towards a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable EU-HI supporting evidence-based health policy and research for the EU and Member States by providing blueprints and/or concepts of building blocks for a future EU-HI research infrastructure consortium (ERIC-HI).
The project bridges key EU projects in domains of population and health system monitoring and indicator development, health examination surveys, environment and health, population injury and disease registries, clinical and administrative health data collection systems and methods of health system monitoring and evaluation.

The project aims to:
1) enhance the transferability of health information and data for policy and improve the utility and use of data and indicators for stakeholders in policy making, public health surveillance and health care;
2) reduce health information inequality within the EU and within MS;
3) develop a blueprint for a sustainable and integrated EU Health information system by developing common methods for a) standardising the collection and exchange of health information within and between domains, between MS, including ehealth platforms; b) ensuring data quality, including procedures for internal and external validation of health indicators; c) undertaking priority setting exercises for health information, d) addressing ethical and legal issues associated with the
collection and use of health data within MS and the EU.

Coordination, dialogue and interaction with DG-SANCO, the Expert Group on Health Information, Eurostat, DG Research and other DGs ensure the sustainability of the work and bridges to a future ERIC-HI.

Layman's description

Effective start/end date01/05/201530/11/2017

Collaborative partners

  • Institut Scientifique de Sante Publique (Project partner)
  • Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (INSERM) (Project partner)
  • Robert Koch Institute (Project partner)
  • Rijksinstituut Voor Volksgezondheiden Milieu (Project partner)
  • Terveyden ja Hyvinoinnin Laitos (Project partner)
  • University of Southern Denmark (lead)