Being moved to move: Investigating affectivity and movement practices in different sport, dance and recreational activities.

  • Ravn, Susanne (Project participant)
  • Colombetti, Giovanna (Project participant)

Project: Research

Project Details


This collaborative project focuses on affectivity as an embodied aspect of our involvement in movement practices. With reference to especially philosopher Giovanna Colombetti’s and Joel Krueger’s phenomenological and enactive clarifications, affectivity is understood as our embodied capacity to be affected and touched in a meaningful way. A capacity, which in accordance with our sensorimotor system, works in extended ways and can be environmentally supported. In selected fields of activities, counting dance, yoga, boxing and eSports, the project puts these phenomenological clarifications on affectivity into use and analyse the affective aspects that characterise the ways participants are involved and caught up in these different kinds of movement practices. Teh project thereby also demonstrates and exemplifies how interdisciplinary methodological challenges -integrating phenomenology and qualitative research methodologies, can be met in constructive ways.

Key findings

At present - results focuses on descripting, elucidating and understanding a) the way affectivity is actively used as a means when improvising in site-specific works; b) how affective aspects can be absolutely central in community dance practices; c) how boxers relate to pain and which kind of affective aspects are to be considered/revised.

Layman's description

Projektet undersøger hvorledes affektive aspekter spiller en rolle for vores engagement i forskellige praksisser. Herunder hvorledes vores følelsesmæssige involvering har betydning for den måde vi deltager i aktiviteterne på.
Short titleBeing moved to move
Effective start/end date01/03/201931/03/2023