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The Rockwool Foundation Research Unit: The Danish Balance of Qualifications

Malchow-Møller, N.

01/01/2009 → …

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Oxford Handbook on NATO

Flockhart, T. & Webber, M.

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Inconvenient Realities: The emergence and resilience of parastates

Castan Pinos, J., Rossi, M., Fernandez-Molina, I., Baldaro, E., Mrdalj, M. & Ojeda-Garcia, R.

20/06/2018 → …

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Is it harmful to receive a lung cancer diagnosis by phone compared to outpatient clinic? A pragmatic randomized trial.

Bødtger, U., Brodersen, J., Høegholm, A., Marsaa, K. & Siersma, V. D.

01/01/2013 → …

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CLAD: The Cultural Legacy of AIDS in Denmark

Petersen, M. N., Bissenbakker, M., Danbolt, M., Møller, K. & Nyegaard, N.

01/01/2019 → …

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The Break-Up of Greater Britain

Pedersen, C. D. & Ward, S. J.

02/07/2018 → …

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Eliminating Hepatitis C in Southen Denmark

Øvrehus, A. L. H., Dröse, S., Wulff Madsen, L., Røge, B. T., Søholm, J., Mössner, B., Fuglsang Hansen, J., Holm, D. K. & Christensen, P. B.

01/03/2019 → …

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Endoscopic ultrasound in airways and esophagus in suspected lung cancer: rational tissue sampling.

Clementsen, P. F., Christiansen, I. S. & Bødtger, U.

01/11/2017 → …

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PLUZ: Respiratory Research Unit, Region Zealand

Bødtger, U. & Clementsen, P. F.

01/01/2015 → …

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Contextual Ethics

Christensen, A. S., Eriksen, C., Rodogno, R., Hämäläinen, N. & Forsberg, N.

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