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The Rockwool Foundation Research Unit: The Danish Balance of Qualifications

Malchow-Møller, N.

01/01/2009 → …

Project: Research

Synthesizing Teaching Quality

Elf, N. F.

01/08/2020 → …

Project: Research

Leadership in Time of Crisis

Shaghaei, N., Fielding, R., Cohen, M., Ghesquiere, E., Nolin, E., Tatai, A., Schmidt-Supprian, C., Ball, J., Miguel Oliveira Bento Principe, P., Pronk, M., Eveleigh, A., Morley, F., Carbery, A., Casaldaliga, N., Knowles, C. & Vidlund, L.

01/04/2020 → …

Project: Research

Spisefortyrrelser og computerspil

Stenager, E. & Guaa, M.

Project: PhD Project


Kristensen, L. M.

Project: Research

The NetEduProject - Research and development project

Balslev, G. M., Gibson, J. D., Daly, A., Civis, M., Riera, J., Azorin, C., Scanlan, M., Arenas, G., Liou, Y., Downey, C., Karakaya, O., Kadras, S., Shahlin, S., Uribe, M., Flintoff, K., Kadaoui, K. & Hall, R.

25/01/2018 → …

Project: Research

Eliminating Hepatitis C in Southen Denmark

Øvrehus, A. L. H., Dröse, S., Wulff Madsen, L., Røge, B. T., Søholm, J., Mössner, B., Fuglsang Hansen, J., Holm, D. K. & Christensen, P. B.

01/03/2019 → …

Project: Research

Gendering protection of Civilians in Conflict

Rose, S.

01/10/2019 → …

Project: PhD Project

Oxford Handbook on NATO

Flockhart, T. & Webber, M.

Project: Research


Kjaer, T. W., Hansen, L. K., Beck, M., Bardram, J., Høegh, R. M. T., Larsen, J. E., Thestrup Hansen, S., Benfield, T. L. V., Dalager-Pedersen, M., Jørgensen, S. L., Johansen, I. S. & Wiese, L.

01/03/2020 → …

Project: Research

Nasal Inflammation and Small Airways Disease in COPD - The United Airway

Bødtger, U., Obling, N., Backer, V. & Hurst, J. R.

01/08/2017 → …

Project: Research

Is it harmful to receive a lung cancer diagnosis by phone compared to outpatient clinic? A pragmatic randomized trial.

Bødtger, U., Brodersen, J., Høegholm, A., Marsaa, K. & Siersma, V. D.

01/01/2013 → …

Project: Research



Mouritsen, O. G.

Project: Research