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SAFE-App en hjælp til mennesker der skader sig selv

Lauge Berring, L., Sillesen, L. S., Hansen, L. R. & Christensen, L. M.

01/08/2017 → …

Project: Research


Evolution of Cooperative Norms in Repeated Noisy Prisoner’s Dilemma

Mui, V., Zhang, H. & Cason, T.

01/10/2018 → …

Project: Research

Ældres velbefindende i coronatiden

Klausen, S. H.

04/05/2020 → …

Project: Research

Multidisciplinary Publications

Shaghaei, N. & Ozel, C.

01/06/2020 → …

Project: Research

Mapping the sustainability landscape - Avenues for future research

Hales, J., Johnson, J., Theis, J., Vitalis, A. & Young, D.

Project: Research

Validering af Selvmordsforsøg

Stenager, E. & Grube Larsen, S.

Project: PhD Project

Inconvenient Realities: The emergence and resilience of parastates

Castan Pinos, J., Rossi, M., Fernandez-Molina, I., Baldaro, E., Mrdalj, M. & Ojeda-Garcia, R.

20/06/2018 → …

Project: Research

The Rockwool Foundation Research Unit: Employment Effects of Entrepreneurship

Malchow-Møller, N.

01/01/2011 → …

Project: Research

Oxford Handbook on NATO

Flockhart, T. & Webber, M.

Project: Research

The Break-Up of Greater Britain

Pedersen, C. D. & Ward, S. J.

02/07/2018 → …

Project: Research

VIMOA cruise

Löscher, C.

01/08/2019 → …

Project: Research

MESTAR: Molecular Evaluation in Metastatic Breast Cancer - A Clinical Study of Accuracy and Response Assessment

Vogsen, M., Hildebrandt, M., Ewertz, M., Jensen, J. D., Kavan, S., Thomassen, M., Kruse, T. A., Asmussen, J. T., Severin Gråe Harbo, F., Bak Jylling, A. M. & Søe, K. L.

01/09/2017 → …

Project: Research

Brugerinvolverende forskning

Lauge Berring, L.

Project: Research

Eliminating Hepatitis C in Southen Denmark

Øvrehus, A. L. H., Dröse, S., Wulff Madsen, L., Røge, B. T., Søholm, J., Mössner, B., Fuglsang Hansen, J., Holm, D. K. & Christensen, P. B.

01/03/2019 → …

Project: Research