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Starup, P.

Project: Research

Commercial capacitor foil analysis

Greenbank, W. & Ebel, T.

01/07/2019 → …

Project: Industry

Mapping the sustainability landscape - Avenues for future research

Hales, J., Johnson, J., Theis, J., Vitalis, A. & Young, D.

Project: Research

MAGSTAR: Astrophysical and stellar magnetism

Dorch, B. F., Nordlund, Å., Freytag, B., Archontis, V., Gudiksen, B. V. & Christensen, M. B. E.

10/04/2002 → …

Project: Research

PLUZ: Respiratory Research Unit, Region Zealand

Bødtger, U. & Clementsen, P. F.

01/01/2015 → …

Project: Research