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Regional demographic convergence in Europe

Kashnitsky, I., de Beer, J. & van Wissen, L.

Project: Research


Starup, P.

Project: Research


Christiansen, M. P.

01/03/2017 → …

Project: Research

Inequality in Access to Health Care

Simonsen, N. F., Oxholm, A. S., Kristensen, S. R. & Siciliani, L.

01/07/2018 → …

Project: Research

The NetEduProject - Research and development project

Balslev, G. M., Gibson, J. D., Daly, A., Civis, M., Riera, J., Azorin, C., Scanlan, M., Arenas, G., Liou, Y., Downey, C., Karakaya, O., Kadras, S., Shahlin, S., Uribe, M., Flintoff, K., Kadaoui, K. & Hall, R.

25/01/2018 → …

Project: Research

Commercial capacitor foil analysis

Greenbank, W. & Ebel, T.

01/07/2019 → …

Project: Industry

MAGSTAR: Astrophysical and stellar magnetism

Dorch, B. F., Nordlund, Å., Freytag, B., Archontis, V., Gudiksen, B. V. & Christensen, M. B. E.

10/04/2002 → …

Project: Research

Interaktion mellem leksikon og morfologi i modersmålstilegnelsen

Basbøll, H., Kjærbæk, L. & Lambertsen, C.

01/08/2005 → …

Project: Private Foundations