Strategic Management Society Knowledge and Innovation Interest Group Best Paper Award 2016

  • Andersen, Kristina Vaarst (Recipient)

Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions


Abstract: Status provides preferential access to resources, as well as favorable judgment, which in turn may lead to increases in performance. Prior work has established that such benefits even spill over between collaboration partners, thus allowing collaboration partners of high status individuals to bask in their reflected glory and enjoy status related benefits. Yet, we still know relatively little about the underlying mechanisms that affect how individual performance is affected by changes in the status of collaboration partners. In this paper, we analyze how collaboration partners’ status increase affects individual performance. We argue that collaboration partners’ increased status may divert their allocation of effort and focus to other projects. This in turn may lead to a negative spillover effect for individual performance. These arguments are tested using unique data on scientists collaborating on papers in a large-scale research facility and we find empirical support for a negative spillover effect of co-authors’ status increase. Further, we find that in some cases the negative spillover effect of co-authors’ status increase is reduced or even reversed.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsStrategic Management Society