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  • Andersen, Kristina Vaarst (Recipient)

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Diversity and Dharma: How Structural Dominance, Networks and Multiplex Ties Influence Performance in Bollywood Film Production
Kristina Vaarst Andersen and Mark Lorenzen

The paper unbundles four different components of social capital investigates their effect on resource orchestration performance, and develops theoretical propositions on the underlying mechanisms. First, we align with extant theory on how network centrality facilitates resource search through access to information. Second, we suggest that structural dominance facilitates resource pre-emption through power and basking in reflected glory-effects. Third, we suggest that tie multiplexity has negative performance effects due to resource iteration, and we propose that such multiplexity may arise through a ‘dharma’ effect of actors self-selecting into projects out of blind loyalty. Fourth, we suggest that brokerage has two effects: It facilitates resource diversity through preventing resource lock-in, and it builds auxiliary value around existing resources. The paper is based on a mixed-method study of Bollywood film production, integrating quantitative analysis of attributional and relational data with 58 on-site interviews.
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Granting OrganisationsStrategic Management Society

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Event titleSMS Copenhagen Special Conference
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Period13. Jun 2014 → 15. Jun 2014