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The research plan and visit has four points: 1) to work up protocols and define goals for continued research cooperation (scientists and students alike) on the acoustic behavior of free-ranging odontocetes in Danish, Japanese and other waters. 2) to scrutinize our own and others data to better understand how odontocetes use sound in their daily life for echolocation, orientation and communication 3) to work on already recorded data for publication and 4) participation in the5th Animal Sonar Symposium, September 14 to 18, Kyoto, Japan
Emneord: Acoustic communication

Financial support while in Japan for research cooperation with Dr. Tomonari AKAMATSU, Ph.D.,Senior Researcher, Underwater Bio­acoustics, at the Fisheries Research Agency, 7620-7 Hasaki, Kamisu, Ibaraki 314-0408, Japan.
Granting OrganisationsJapan Society for the Promotion of Science


  • Acoustic communication