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Professor Tahir Masud


CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN AND GERIATRICIAN, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust –from 1994
Current roles: 50% clinical, 50% research, fully NHS funded


SPECIAL PROFESSOR (HONORARY PROFESSOR) IN GERIATRIC MEDICINE, University of Nottingham Medical School from June 2009 onwards


University of Southern Denmark, Denmark from Aug 2010 (10% of my salary)


• Exercise
• Falls
• Osteoporosis,
• Vibration therapy
• Translational research in older people

I head the Clinical Gerontology Research Unit at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (City Hospital Campus) which underpins the above research. This link will be important in collaborative work between the University of Nottingham and the NHS, particularly in translating basic science work to older people.


1.NIHR-HTA Grant of £1.78 million (2008)- Multi-centre cluster randomised trial comparing a
community group exercise programme with home based exercise with usual care for people aged 65 and over in primary care - ProAct 65+ (Iliffe S, Kendrick D, Morris R, Skelton D, Gage H, Dinan S, Stevens Z, Pearl M, Masud T)

2.The above project has been supplemented by a £64,288 grant (2009) from the National Osteoporosis Society to assess bone density measures as an outcome measure in the study (Lead applicant is Dr K. Brooke-Wavell, University of Loughborough) .

3.Usefulness of Nintendo Wii in balance training programme for older fallers. Feasibility study. £10,000 pump priming from Nottingham University Hospitals R&D (2010)

4.Systematic Review on chair based exercise in older people. £21,211 Flexibility and Sustainability Fund Nottingham PCT (2010). (with Professors Gladman and Avery)

5.Systematic Review on Dementia and Falls £33,726 (with professors Gladman and Harwood). Flexibility and Sustainability Fund Nottingham PCT (2010).

6.Multi-centre randomised controlled trial to evaluate effectiveness of Day Hospitals in reducing falls in older people identified in the community at high risk. This study has attracted £210,000 in peer-reviewed grants. I am the lead grant holder for a £50,000 grant from the Derby/Notts/Lincs Research Alliance to pump prime the project, and we have gained a further £150,000 in the form of a Dhole Fellowship (for Dr Simon Conroy) from Research into Ageing. A further £10,000 from Nottingham University Hospitals charitable funds to complete the project

7. £20,692 to investigate Whole Body Vibration in Older people (2007) (£14,000 from the National Osteoporosis Society, and £6692 from the British geriatrics Society)

8. £5000 Interdisciplinary Bridging Award for Study on “Genetics of Fallers” (with Dr Jonathan Folland, University of Loughborough) (2008)


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