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Research interests

Specialised in human-technology relations and in visual and sensorial methods and analysis, I currently study the interaction between human skills and senses, and sensor- and AI-based technologies:

· Al, enskillment & deskillment in border control and in breast cancer screening - EU CHANSE project (w. Minna Ruckenstein, Dorthe Brogaard Kristensen et al., SDU 2022-2025)

· Green Transition in Danish shipping
···> Carbon emission reductions in shipping require radical change, but solutions are not evident. What stands in the way of green transition? How make decisions in times of huge uncertainty? And how can AI collaborate with human decision-making? (2021-2027)

· Biometric technologies and visual enskilment in border control
···> The techno-sensory work of automated border control and facial recognition from a border guard perspective; learning to see, unsee and sense when employing facial recognition and automated decision-making technologies (Velux Foundation/UCPH 2016-19)

· Robotic surgery, vision and the senses
···> Communication and sensory inputs are radically changed when the surgeon is distanced from the operating table, the robot replaces the surgeon's hands, and vision replaces tactility and all other senses (haptic vision, tactility) (RegionH 2019-20)

· Women in Airborne Sports
···> Diversity, socio-economics and gender in soaring, parachuting and hang/paragliding (Danish Gliding Federation & Sports Federation 2019-20)

Author (books):
· "The Biometric Border World: Technologies, bodies and identities on the move", (co-authored) London: Routledge, 2020.
· "Omens and Effect: Divergent Perspectives on Emerillon Time, Space and Existence", Paris: Semeïon Editions, 2012.
· "Village Voices: Co-existence and Communication in a Rural Village in Central France", Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 1997.

Regional specializations:  Denmark, Europe, France, Amazonas

Thematic specialisations:
Technology - humans - senses - visuality - enskillment/deskillment
· AI and interpreting medical imagery
· Robotic surgery, haptic vision, sensory anthropology
· Border control, biometric technology and the senses
· Shipping, carbon-emission reductions and human sensory skills

Communication & identity
· Gossip & rumours, village communication (France)
· Ethnic identity & indigenous movements (Amazon)

Qualitative research methods
· Visual anthropology, visual and sensory methods, multimedia platforms & anthropological filmmaking

Awarded films:
· "Confluences - Emerillon of French Guiana" (2007/2012), France. TV: Brazil 2010. Awards: Budapest 2007, Parnu 2008.
· "Ainsi va la Terre" (1994), Yumi Prods/ARTE. TV: ARTE (France & Germany) 1994/1998. Awards: Cinema du Réel 1994.
· "Limfjordsfisker" (1988), SFV. Award: Santarem 1989.

Education/Academic qualification

Anthropology, PhD, "Indigenous politics and sense-of-self among the Teko of French Guiana", University of Copenhagen


Award Date: 9. May 2005

Anthropology, mag.scient.soc., "Village voices: Co-existence and communication in a rural community in Central France", University of Copenhagen

Award Date: 1. Jun 1994

Research areas

  • Anthropological Methods
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Multimediality/Cross-mediality
  • Radiology
  • Competence Development, Creativity and Innovation
  • Citizenship and Society
  • Everyday Life
  • Imaging
  • Identity


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