Personal profile


Leena Eklund Karlsson, Finnish and Swedish citizenships

Docent (global health), Tampere University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Finland. 24.09.2020.

Ph.D. (public health/health promotion), Tampere University, Faculty of Medicine, School of Public Health, Finland. Topic of the PhD dissertation: ”From citizen participation towards community empowerment – An analysis on health promotion from citizen perspective”. 16.12.1999

Master of Science (in Health Care Management and Administration). Helsinki University, Medical Faculty, Finland. Degree programme on Health Care Administration line. 11.06.1991

Specialist Nurse of Internal Medicine. Helsinki Institute of Nursing. 25.05.1982

Registered Nurse. Helsinki Institute of Nursing 30.05.1980

Training in pedagogigs and supervision:

Högskolepedagogik 1 (15 ETC), (Pedagogics in Higher Education) (incl: Work Integrated Learning design, Learning, Pedagogics
through work integrated learning, University as a pedagogical workplace) 25.01.2010

Handledningskurs (3 ETC), (Course of Supervision) June 2010

Supervision of PhD-students (7,5 ETC) May 2011


Associate Professor University of Southern Denmark, Institute of Public Health, Esbjerg, Denmark 01.05.2013

Senior Researcher, University of Southern Denmark, Institute of Public Health, Esbjerg, Denmark. 01.01.2013

Associate Professor, University West, Institute of Nursing, Health and Culture, Department of Health, Culture and Education Sciences, Trollhättan, Sweden 01.01.2007-31.12.2012 

1.10.2006-> cont. (duty leave for the moment) Technical Officer (P5), World Health Organization (WHO), Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark: Evidence on Health Needs and Interventions, Division of Information, Evidence and Communication, and Health Evidence Network (HEN), Division of Country Support. 1.11.2001 – 29.12.2006

Course Organizer and Project Manager (including curriculum development, teaching, supervision, planning and management tasks of the BRIMHEALTH Programme = Post Graduate Public Health Training Programme for the Baltic Health Professionals). The Nordic School of Public Health, Göteborg, Sweden (since 1.1.2000 Programme Manager) 25.04.1994- 31.10.1996 and
15.01.1997- 31.10.1997 and 16.01.1998-> 31.12.2001 (duty leave 1.11.-31.12.2001)

Researcher, Tampere University, Medical Faculty, School of Public Health (preparation of the doctoral thesis and lecturing in public health) 1.11.1997-15.1.1998 and 27.4.-31.4.1998 and 1.6.-31.7.1998 (50%) and 1.9.-14.10.1998 (50%)

Researcher, Jyväskylä University, Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences, Department of Health Sciences (preparation of the doctoral thesis) 01.11.1996- 26.01.1997

Project Manager, Finnish Centre for Health Education and Promotion, Helsinki (= NGO) (main duties: planning, managing, implementing and evaluating local health promotion interventions including teaching and communication tasks as well as research) 06.08.1990- 07.08.1994

Lecturer, Helsinki University, Department of Primary Health Care. (duty: teaching the Basic course of the Empirical Research Methods in Social Sciences). 11.03.1992- 29.04.1992

Project Researcher. Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, department of Social and Public Health Services. Finland (main duty: preparation of a guide book for the municipalities on Research and Development Projects) 02.05.1990- 31.01.1991

Chief Nurse. Helsinki City Health Care Office, Health Centre of Vuosaari. (main duties: managing, administrating, planning and supervising tasks in the Vuosaari primary care) 12.03.1990- 22.07.1990

Project Researcher, The National Board of Health (main duty: developing the Health Care R&D Project Register). Finland 16.10.1989- 31.01.1990

Assistant, Helsinki University, Department of Public Health. (main duties: teaching in public health and participation in preparing the HFA research policy for Finland) 01.08.1989- 15.08.1989

Researcher, Helsinki University, Department of Public Health. (main duties: participation in preparing the HFA Research Policy for Finland and analysing the present status of PH research in Finland relevant to the HFA strategy) 01.07.1988-03.09.1989

Research Assistant, Helsinki University, Department of Public Health. (main duties: participation in preparing the HFA Research Policy for Finland and analysing the present status of PH research in Finland relevant to the HFA strategy) 16.11.1987-

Trainee of health care administration. The Academy of Finland, Administration Department, The Medical Research Council. 15.08.1987-14.11.1987

Chief Nurse. Helsinki University Central Hospital, Clinic of Internal Medicine; several locum posts, alltogether 6 months during: 21.06.1982-12.07.1987

Assistant Chief Nurse. Helsinki University Central Hospital, Clinic of Internal Medicine. 01.06.1982- 31.07.1987

Registered Nurse, Helsinki University Central Hospital of Meilahti - First Aid and Emergency Department. 06.06.1980-

Confidential missions:

Scientific Secretary of the Health for All 2000 Steering Group, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland. Duties: Writing the ”Health for All 2000 – Revised Strategy” of Finland. In addition, participation in planning, writing and implementing the HFA 2000 Revised Strategy, September 1991 - August 1994
Member of the Board of the Faculty of the Nordic School of Public Health 2000-2001.
Member of the Association of Technology Assessment of Health Care in Finland. From 1988-1994 (participation in meetings and seminars) 

Member of the Society of Social Medicine in Finland. 1990 – 2005.
Member of International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). 1995 ->(participation in organizing one of the international conferences, acting as a chair in different conferences) 

Member of the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (HTAi). 2002 ->2006 

Member of the Nordic Health Promotion Research Network coordinated by the Nordic School of Public Health (NHV). (This is an international research collaboration).  2006->

Teaching experience:

2013-2017: The University of Southern Denmark had eduction export and curriculum develpopment project of the Bachelor of Health Education and Promotion & Epidemiology programmes at the Princess Noura University (PNU) in Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia (2013-2017). I was the Study Leader of this Programme during the years 2015-2017. My tasks were to lead the work regarding the curriculum development of the BSc (and MSc) programmes. Additioally I planned and taught the following modules at the PNU, Saudi Arabia, during the 5-year project time:

-          Determinants of Health (4 ECTS), 2013 and 2014

-          Health Systems and Policies (4 ECTS), 2013, 2014 and 2016

-          International Health (4 ECTS), 2015

-          Project work 1 & 2 (4 ECTS & 4 ECTS), 2015, 2016 and 2017

-          Data Management in Bachelor Project (5 ECTS), 2015

-          Scientfic Writing in Bachelor Project (5 ECTS), 2015

-          Implementation and Evaluation (3 ECTS) 2015, 2016 and 2017

2013-> today: course leader of the SDU following courses belonging to the Danish BSc/McS/PhD Programmes in Health Promotion/Public health:

-          Health Promotion in practice (7.5 ETCS) (bachelor level) (since 2016->)

-          Evaluation (7.5 ECTS) (Masters level) (Since 2017->)

-          Empowerment and health policy (7.5 ECTS) (Masters level) (since 2018->)

-          Empowerment (5 ECTS) (PhD level, in 2014)

 1995-2001: Programme Manager of the BRIMHEALTH post graduate Master of Public Health (MPH) programme (education export from Sweden to the Baltic universities) including course leadership of all courses run in the programme (and curriculum development) and lecturer of more that 30 post graduate courses in public health organized by the Nordic School of Public Health, Sweden, in collaboration with Kaunas Medical and Vilnius Universities (Lithuania), Latvian School of Public Health, Tartu University (Estonia), Jagellonian University (Poland), and the Medical Academy of Post graduate Studies StPetersburg (Russia), e.g.:

  • Foundations of Public Health (the Nordic and the Baltic MPH programmes)
  • Health Ethics
  • Health Economics
  • Primary Health Care
  • Health Promotion
  • Training of Trainers in Public Health (Pedagogics)
  • Research Methods in Public Health
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health
  • Health Care Management
  • Health and Human Rights
  • Empowerment
  • Health Policy, Planning and Management

 2007-2012: In the University West (Sweden) I taught  in the Bachelor of health promotion programme 2007-2012 including e.g. the following topics:

  • Theory of science
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Social Capital
  • Globalization and health from WHO perspective
  • Evidence based health promotion
  • Empowerment (course leader)
  • Community organizing
  • Health promotion planning
  • Health promotion and work
  • Foundations of public health (course leader)
  • Social entreprneurship
  • Social determinants of health

 Planning and implementation of research and PhD -courses: I have planned and carried out several research courses and seminars for both MPH, Master's and PhD students at the Nordic School of Public Health (NHV), Göteborg, and for Master students at the University West, Trollhättan, and for PhD students (Topic Empowerment in contemporary public health, 5 ECTS) at the University of Southern Denmark (Empowerment), 2014.


  • Supervisor for 3 PhD students (SDU, 2013-> present)
  • Supervisor of 25 Master students of public health at the SDU, Denmark (2013->present), and at the University West Sweden (2007-2012)
  • Supervisor of 20 MPH students (at postgraduate level) of the Baltic Master pf Public Health programme (”BRIMHEALTH”) at the Nordic School of Public Health (NHV) during 1999-2001.
  • Over 80 students at the Bachelor's level: at the SDU, Denmark (2013->), the University West, Sweden (2007-2012) and at the Princess Noura University, Saudi Arabia (2013-15).

Docent competence:

Under process 

On-going research and research funding:

  1. Horizon 2020 call for Social and economic effects of migration in Europe and integration policies. (Collaboration project with SDU Denmark, Universities of Umeå and Linkoping, Sweden, BBU university in Romania,  THL, Finland, IRPPS Italy, G2RED Greece and University of Bielefelt, Germany). [Research Leader: Leena Eklund Karlsson; Co-researchers: AL Ikonen and P Tanggaard Andersen from the SDU).

2.  Migrants and Informal Payments: An Emerging Challenge for Health System Governance in the Western Balkan Countries – Towards Equity and Accountability. (PhD Project. Several articles planned jointly with Sofie Buch Mejsner and Leena Eklund Krlsson from SDU and Maria Kristiansen form the University of Copenhagen. Local stakeholders will be involved in the reseach collaboration, e.g., University of Belgrad, Danish Refugee Council in Serbia and Serbian Refugee Aid).

 The idea of this of this planned research project:

This research intend to close the gap of the lacking evidence base combining research on the flow of migrants and the corrupt practice of paying informal payments for health care services in Western Balkan. For identifying innovative strategies and effective interventions to reduce informal payments, already existing interventions will be analysed through public health policy documents and by qualitatively exploring health system governance and facilitators and barriers of informal payments from migrants’ experiences. The focus will be on vulnerable migrants.

 3. Policies and action to tackle Child poverty in the Nordic Countries? This study is part of the international research collaboration within the Nordic Health Promotion Research Network [Lene Povlsen (DK), Leena Eklund Karlsson (S/FIN), Susann Regber (S), Hildur Gunnarsdottir (I), and Elisabeth Fosse (NO)]. (qualitative study).

 4. How are health equity aspects articulated in the public health policy documents in Saudi Arabia (Leena Eklund Karlsson, Anne Leena Ikonen, Kothar Mohammed, Pernille Tanggaard Andersen, Tamader AlRammah, and Shubash Tapa). This is a joint project between SDU and King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. (policy analysis).

 5. Youth participation in developing Health-Enhancing Physical Activity policies [part of the REPOPA Project  ](Leena Eklund Karlsson, Charlotte Haaber Pettersen, Arja R. Aro). (thematic analysis)

6. Empowerment vs. Salutogenesis – theoretical differences and similarities (Monica Eriksson, University West, SE, Anne Leena Ikonen, SDU, DK and Leena Eklund Karlsson, SDU, DK.) (concept analysis)

7. Use of social media and health literacy and social capital of Saudi female students. (Leena Eklund Karlsson, Manuela Reiter and Tamader AlRammah) (thematic analysis).


Research funding and participation in international projects

  • EU Swedish Social Fund: 9.000.000 SEK (about 1 milj EURO) for the Roma Empoerment for Social Inclusion -project in Sweden for 2009-2012. (I was the Projet Leader of this action research project including social change). This project included knowledge exchange with Greece, Hungary, Finland and UK that had similar on-going projects focused on Roma in a form of joint expert meetings, workshops and site visits which we organized together with the international partners.
  • Participation as researcherin the international REPOPA (Research into Policy to enhance Physical Activity) Project ( ), where 6 countreis were involved, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Italy, the Netherlands, UK and Canada, 2012-2017. I was involvedParticularly in the Work package 2 where were developed Policy Game -interventions in 3 European countries, Denmark, Romania and the Netherlands, to facilitate collaboration and use of evidence in local policy making.
  • Participation as researcer and member of the Advisory Boardof the Erasmus+ CONFDE project ”Strengthening public health research capacity to inform evidence based policies in Tunisia” 2017-2021. This is a collaboration project between Romanian, Slovakian and Danish partners and the beneficiaries are 3 Tunisian Universities in Tunis, Sousse and Sfax.


Complete list of publications:

a) Publications in international journals and original research reports: 

Misund Dahl B, Buch Mejsner S, Eklund Karlsson L, Kostenius C, Laverack G, Myglegaard Andersen H, Warne M, Lidmark J. (2019) The Nordic perspective on migration and empowerment. Health Promotion International. (Submitted 14. February 2019).

 Winge Jacobsen M, Eklund Karlsson L, Skovgaard T, and Aro AR. (2018) Organisational factors facilitating research use in public policymaking related to health: a scoping review. BMC Health Research Policy and Systems (submitted 21. December, 2018).

Buch Mejsner S., Kristiansen M and Eklund Karlsson L. (2018) (Abstract): Migrants’ perceptions of equity in Serbian health care, December 2018, European Journal of Public Health, 28(suppl_4).


 Spitters H, van de Goor I, Dulf D, Eklund-Karlsson L and Juel Lau C (2018): Learning from games: stakeholders’ experiences involved in local health policy. Journal of Public Health, vol 40, Supplement, pp. I39-i49.

 Amal Abdelrahim Osman Mohamed, Zeinab Ibrahim Swar Eldahab, Leena Eklund Karlsson, and Howeida Hassan Abusalih. Use of Evidence in Policy Development by Policy Makers and Evidence Generators at the Federal Ministry of Health, Khartoum – Sudan. BMC Public Health, (Submitted March 2018, in peer review)

Lassen Olesen C and Eklund Karlsson L. (2018): Roma representation in Danish Roma Policy and Public Discourse - A Critical Analysis. Societies 8, 63; doi:10.3390/soc8030063.

Alghabiwi R, Palianopoulou M and Eklund Karlsson L (2018): The Physician-Patient Relationship and its Association with Self-Efficacy in Female Patients Managing Chronic Diseases in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health. CMPH-130. DOI: 10.29011/CMPH-130/100030.

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 Book Chapters:

3. Eklund Karlsson L and Crondahl K (2014): Hälsomedvetenhet genom arbetsintegrerat lärande (Helath literacy though work integrated learning). In Karin Ringsberg, Evy Olander and Per Tillgren (Eds.), Heatlh Literacy – Teori och praktik i hälsofrämjande arbete (in Swedish) (Health Literacy – Theory and practice in health promotion). Studentlitteratur: Lund.

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b) Presentations in international conferences:

Buch Mejsner S., Kristiansen M and Eklund Karlsson L. (2018) (Poster): Migrants’ perceptions of equity in Serbian health care, December 2018, European Journal of Public Health, 28(suppl_4). Presented in the EUPHA conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 27/11, 2018


 Ikonen AL, Eklund Karlsson L, Tanggaard Andersen P and Aro AR. (2017) (Poster).Training of trainers in active learning methods at the Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Conference on Teaching for Active Learning – TAL2017. 7th, November  2017, University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

 Eklund Karlsson L, Pettersen C and Aro AR (2016) (Poster): Governance and Youth Participation in local policy making – The case of health policies in Denmark (under the umbrealla of the REPOPA Project ). EUPHA conference, Austria, Vienna, 9-12 November, 2016. Published in European Journal of Public Health 26, Suppl 1.

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 Eklund Karlsson L, Aro AR, Larsen M and Fredsgaard M (2013) (oral presentation): REPOPA- Research into Policy to enhance Physical Activity – 5-year international study. The Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference, 17-19 June, 2013, Vestfold, Norway.

 Eklund Karlsson L, Fosse E, Povlsen L, Regberg S, and Sandstig G (2013) (organizer of workshop and facilitation of the workshop). The concept of ‘Equity in Health’ in the Nordic countries – how can it be applied and addressed more clearly in policy making? The Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference, 17-19 June, 2013, Vestfold, Norway.

 Eklund L (invited speaker): EU Roma Strategy: from policy to regional and local practice. EU Conference organized by the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe. Wednesday September 26, Brussels, 2012. The conference will feature a debate on the EU definition of Roma (which right now is somewhat vague), the participation of Roma, the legal aspects of migration and the EU's wider social policy and social protection regarding Roma.

 Eklund L, Crondahl K, Colak E and Miftar F (oral presentation): Empowerment and Participation in Knowledge Share of Roma People in West-Sweden. 4th Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Europe. Milano, Italy, 21-23 June, 2012

 Eklund L (invited speaker in 3 different sessions): World Health Organization Annual Business and Technical Conference: Governance for health at the local level: people, citizens and assets for health – Initial consultation with local governments on the new health policy for the WHO European Region – Health 2020. Liege, Belgium, 15-18 June 2011:

a) Invited speaker in a round-table discussion: Improving Roma health by addressing social exclusion processes at the local level

b) Invited speaker in parallel session: case studies and teach-ins: Addressing Roma Health at the Local level

c) Invited speaker in a round-table parallel session: Civil society mobilizing for health and well-being

Eklund L (invited speaker): Increasing Roma participation in social and working life through empowerment and work-integrated learning. EU financed conference under the umbrella of EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme, Cittalia. 11 March 2011, Venice, Italy.

 Eklund L and Eriksson M (poster): Salutogenesis and Empowerment and Prominent approaches for a sustainable health promotion – Some theoretical comparisons. 8th annual HTAi meeting – HTA for Health Systems Sustainability. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 25-29 June, 2011.

 Eklund L, Crondahl K, Sunnemark F, Andersson Å and Palmroth K (Poster): Health, quality of life and well-being of Roma People in West Sweden. IUHPE World Conference of Health Promotion, Geneva, Switzerland, 20 – 23 June, 2010. (page 1806)

 Hassler, S, Eklund L, Crondahl K, Sunnemark F, Andersson Å and Palmroth K (Poster): Sense of Coherence among adult Roma People in West Sweden. IUHPE World Conference of Health Promotion, Geneva, Switzerland, 20 – 23 June, 2010. (page 1807)

 Eklund L, Regber S, Torp S, Ringsberg K, Thorpenberg S. (Poster): Workplace health promotion in the Nordic countries – A review of literature 1986-2008. 8th IUHPE European Conference on Health Promotion and Education. Turin, Italy 9-13 September, 2008.

 Eklund L: (Organizer of Workshop, facilitator and speaker): WHO Health Evidence Network Annual meeting. Pre-conference for the Health Technology Assessment International  Conference HTAi 2006, Adelaide, Australia.

 Eklund L, Jonsson Egon, Wallace Jane: (Poster): The WHO/EUROs Health Evidence Network – Solid evidence for sound decisions. Health Technology Assessment International HTAi 2004. The 1st Annual Conference, May 30-June 2, 2004, Krakow, Poland.

 Eklund L. (Oral presentation): The roles of the actors in the development of empowerment  - A Model of Reasoned Empowerment Action. 2nd Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Qualitative Methods in the Service of Health. August 9-10, 2001, Göteborg, Sweden.

Eklund L. (Oral presentation). BRIMHEALTH as an example of international collaboration in public health training. 2nd Conference on Public Health Research in the Baltic Countries 15-18 June, 2000, Kaunas, Lithuania.

 Eklund L. (Poster). Evaluation of the process of community empowerment in local health promotion programmes. Conference on Public Health Research in the Baltic Countries 17-20 September, 1998, Tartu, Estonia.

 Eklund L. (Oral presentation). Developing tools for explicating and analysing the process of community empowerment in local settings. XVI World Conference on Health Promotion (IUHPE), 21-26 June, 1998, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

 Eklund L. (Oral presentation and chair in one oral session). From Citizen participation towards community empowerment. 3rd European Conference on Health Education Effectiveness. 12-14.9.1996. Turin, Italy.

 Eklund L., Rimpelä Matti., Rajala Matti. Health promotive Coalition building in small cities. (Poster and Chair in 2 parallell sessions about Citizen Participation) VXth World Conference of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). Makuhari, Japan 20.-25. August 1995.

 Koskinen-Ollonqvist P., Eklund L., Rajala Matti. (Poster). The Acceptance of the National HFA 2000 -program in the communities and in the NGOs. (Suomen terveyspoliittisen ohjelman vastaanotto kunnissa ja järjestöissä). 14th reporting symposium on health education research. Research and Development in health education 9.-10.12.1993 Oulu. Oulu University/ Department of Public Health Series: Public Health Sciences, Research 2/93. Oulu 1993.

 Koskinen-Ollonqvist P., Eklund L. ( Poster). Health Promotion in the Decisions of the Health Board of City Council. 2nd European Conference on Effectiveness of Health Promotion & Health Education. Vouliagmeni. Athens. Greece 5/1992.

Eklund L., Rimpelä Arja. (Poster) Health Education Research in Finland 1988. XIV IUHPE World Conference on Helath Education. Fair Centre. Helsinki 6/1991.

c) Technical editor of the following evidence reports:

Sánchez E (2006). What effects do mobile phones have on people’s health? Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe. Health Evidence Network report;

Goodman C, Anise A (2006). What is known about the effectiveness of economic instruments to reduce consumption of foods high in saturated fats and other energy-dense foods for preventing and treating obesity? Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe (Health Evidence Network report; 

Stewart-Brown S (2006): What is the evidence on school health promotion in improving health or preventing disease and, specifically, what is the effectiveness of the health promoting schools approach? Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe.Health Evidence Network report;

Wallerstein N (2006). What is the evidence on effectiveness of empowerment to improve health? Copenhagen,WHO Regional Office for Europe (Health Evidence Network report;

Goodman C, Mukherjee D, Faulkner E (2006). How effective would antiviral vaccination and antiviral drug prevention and treatment strategies be for reducing the impact of the next influenza pandemic? Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe. Health Evidence Network report;

WHO Health Evidence Network (HEN): What is the effectiveness of antenatal care? (Supplement) (Banta DH). WHO/EURO, December 2005.

Organising of internationl scientific workshops:

Eklund L (organizer and chair): World Health Organization, Health Evidence Network (HEN) Meeting, Adelaide Convention Centre. In connection with the 3rd Health Technology Assessment International HTAi Conference 2006. 2-5 July, 2006, Adelaide, Australia.

Language skills:
Certificate in English language. Helsinki University. 23.05.1985
Certificate in Commercial English (level D, advanced), Marketing Institute, Helsinki 28.02.1997 

Certificate in Swedish language, Helsinki University. 06.05.1987

Finnish (mother tongue)


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