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Jørgen Drud Hansen
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MSc Econ, University of Copenhagen, 1970.

Academic experience:
• Associate Professor, Department of Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark, 2009-
• Senior Research Associate, Department of Economics, Aarhus School of Business (asb), 2007-
Member of the research group GlobiD (‘Globalization and Industry Dynamics’) at Department of Economics
at asb.
• Visiting Lecturer of Economics at University of Southern Denmark, 2009.
• Visiting Professor of Economics at Aalborg University in periods of 2008 and 2009.
• Visiting Professor of Economics at Aarhus School of Business in periods of 2005-2008.
• Chief Editor of the ‘Baltic Journal of Economics’, 2001-2006.
• Professor of European Economics, EuroFaculty-Vilnius Centre, Vilnius University, Lithuania, 2001-2004.
• Jean Monnet Professor of European Economics, Odense University/University of Southern Denmark, 1992-2001.
• Founding member and first Director of the ‘Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence’, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, 1999-2001.
• Member of the International Scientific Council of the Journal ‘Argumenta Oeconomica’, Poland, 1998-.
• Visiting Professor (Robert Schuman Project), Renmin University, Peoples University, Beijing, China, P.R., October 1999.
• Head of FEU-Project funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for scholarships to Baltic and Polish students to attend the European Studies Program at University of Southern Denmark, 1997-2000.
• PhD-supervisions: Jan Guldager Jørgensen, Camilla Jensen and Anna Jarosz, University of Southern Denmark, 1995-2001.
• Assistant and later associate professor in economics at Odense University (University of Southern Denmark), 1973-92.
• Research assistant at Copenhagen Business School 1970-73.

Research area:
• International economics
• European Intergration

Teaching area:
• International Economics.
• The Economics of European Integration
• Undergraduate courses in micro and macro economics 

Journal Articles, 2000-:
• Hansen, J.D., R. King and V. Kvedaras. ’The International Reserve Issue in the EMU’. Open Economies Review, (forthcoming)*
• Hansen, J.D., and J.U-M. Nielsen. 'Market Integration, Choice of Technology and Trade, Review of International Economics'. (forthcoming).*
• Hansen, J.D. and J.U-M. Nielsen. (2009). ‘Dumping and Injury Margins in Markets with Horizontal as well as Vertical Product Differentiation’. Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, (forthcoming).*
• Hansen, J.D. and M. Skak. (2008). ‘Adaptation Investments and Homeownership’. Journal of Housing Economics 17: 102-115.*
• Hansen, J.D. and R. King. (2007). ‘How to Cut the Seigniorage Cake into Fair Shares in an Enlarged EMU’. Journal of Common Market Studies 45(5): 997-1008.*
• Hansen, J.D. and J. U-M. Nielsen. (2006). ‘Economic Integration and Quality Standards in a Duopoly Model of Horizontal and Vertical Product Differentiation’. Journal of Economic Integration 21(4): 837-860.
• Hansen J.D. (2005). ‘A Political Economy Analysis of the Eastwards Enlargement’. The European Union Review 10(3): 113-133.*
• Hansen J.D. and M. Skak (2004). ‘The German Growth Miracle – A Lesson for Poland?’ Eastern European Economics 42(3): 81-98.
• Hansen, J.D. (2003). 'Immigration and Income Redistribution in Welfare States'. European Journal of Political Economy 19(4).* 
• Hansen, J.D., E.S. Madsen and C. Jensen. (2003). 'The Establishment of the Danish Windmill Industry - Was it Worthwhile?' Review of World Economics 139(2): 324-347.*
• Hansen, J.D. and J.G. Jørgensen. (2001). 'Market Integration and Industrial Specialization on a Monopolistic Competitive Market. Journal of Economic Integration 16(3).*

Selected journal articles before 2000:
• Hansen, J.D. and J.G. Jørgensen. (1999). ‘How to Play Safe in Fiscal Policy under the Stability Pact’. The European Union Review 4(3).
• Hansen, J.D. and J.G. Jørgensen. (1998). ‘Finanspolitisk Stabilisering i ØMU'en’ (Fiscal Policy Stabilization in the EMU). Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift 136: 152-167.
• Hansen, J.D. and J. Zhang. (1996). ‘A Kaldorian Approach to Regional Economic Growth in China’. Applied Economics. 679-685.
• Hansen , J.D. (1996). ’Integration, Relative Priser og den Personelle Fordeling’. (Integration, Relative Prices and Household Income Distribution). Festskrift til Anders Ølgaard. Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift 94: 103.
• Hansen J.D. and G. Kristensen. (1991). ‘Price Profiles in Danish Urban Area’. Urban Studies. 299-310.
• Hansen, J.D. (1991). ‘Økonomisk Politik og Konkurrenceevne i en Monetær Union’, (Economic Policy and Competitiveness in a Monetary Union). Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift. 98-120.
• Hansen, J.D., (1985), ‘Statsgæld og Økonomisk Politik’ (Public Debt and Economic Policy), Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, 32 49.
• Hansen, J.D., (1981), ‘Om Regionale Uligheder i Neoklassisk Vækstteori’, (Regional GDP Per Capita Inequalities in a Neoclassical One Sector Growth Model), Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, 392 408.
• Hansen, J.D. and E. Gørtz, (1980), ’Stabilitet og 'Labour Hoarding' i den Generelle Keynes Model’ (An Analysis of Stability of Equilibrium and 'Labour Hoarding' in a Keynes Model), Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, 133 139.
• Hansen, J.D. and E. Gørtz, (1976), ‘The Relative Size of the Public Sector and the Tax Burden in a Neoclassical Growth Model’, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 1976, 413 423.
• Hansen, J.D., (1976), A Note on Employment and Growth, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 501 505.
• . Hansen, J.D. and P. J. Pedersen, (1972), ’Aspekter af Husholdningen som Produktionsvirksomhed’ (Income Tax Distortions in Household Production Activities), Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, 1972, 104 116.
• Hansen, J.D., (1970), ’Om Aggregering af Produktionsfunktioner’ (The Micro Economic Foundation of Macro Production Functions), Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, 282 298.

Edited books, monographs and book chapters:
• Hansen J. D. (ed.) (2001): European Integration - An Economic Perspective. Oxford University Press.
(Translated to Polish, ‘Ekonomiczne Aspekty Integracji Europejskiej’ and published by
permission of Oxford University Press by Oficyna Ekonomiczna, 2003). 

Book chapters: 
• Hansen, J.D. and P. Schröder. ‘Economic Integration in Europe: Setting the Stage’, Chapter 1, 1-
• Hansen, J.D. ‘European Demographics: Trends and Problems’, Chapter 2, 17 -32. 
• Hansen, J.D. and J. G. Jørgensen,. ‘Industrial Structure: Specialization, Efficiency, and Growth’,
Chapter 5, 81-108. 
• Hansen , J.D. and F. Olesen, ‘Monetary Integration: Old Issues New Solutions’, Chapter 8,
• Hansen, J.D. and F. Olesen, ‘From European Economies towards a European Economy?’,
Chapter 10, 228-245.
• Hansen J.D. and J.U-M Nielsen (1997). An Economic Analysis of the EU, (2. edition.) McGraw Hill, London, 1-212.
• Hansen, J.D., (1997), ‘Dynamic Comparative Advantage in a Ricardian Model’, Chapter 6 in Technology and International Trade, ed. J. Fagerberg, P. Hansson, L. Lundberg and A. Melchior, Edward Elgar, London, 91 106.*
• Hansen, J.D., (1979), Den Friedmanske Monetarisme (The Buildings Blocs of Monetarism in Milton Friedman’s Works), Odense Universitetsforlag, Odense.
• Gørtz, E. and J. D. Hansen (ed), (1977), Indeksteori (Indices in Economic Theory), Odense Universitetsforlag 1977, Odense.
Book chapters:
• Hansen, J.D., ’Pristalskompensation Når Tiden er en Knap Faktor’. (Price Indices and Income
Compensation When Time Is Scarce), Chapter VI, 74 83.
• Hansen, J.D., ’Misvisningen ved Laspeyres og Paasche prisindeks’ (Measuments Errors of Laspeyres and Paasche Price Indices When the Utility Based Ideal Index Is Used As Benchmark), Chapter VIII, 92 101.
• Hansen, J.D., ’Mængdeindeks ved Nationalindkomst og Nationalproduktmålinger’, (Quantity
Indices as Indicators of National Product and Domestic Product), Chapter XVI, 156 169.

Other publications 2000-:
• Hansen J.D. and M. Hansen (2004), ‘Are Balance of Payment Deficits in the Baltic Countries Sustainable?’, CEPS Working Document, No 207, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, 1-21.

Research areas

• International economics

• The economics of European Integration


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