Johannes Michelsen

PhD (political science)

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Johannes Michelsen

10/1990: Ph.D. (lic.scient.pol.), Aarhus University.
06/1982: Cand.scient.pol., Aarhus University.

Academic functions:
2000-: Associate Professor (Docent), Department of Political Science and Public Management, University of Southern Denmark.
1999-2000: Associate Professor (Docent), Department of Policy Studies, University of Southern Denmark.
1989-1999: Senior lecturer, Department of Cooperative and Agricultural Research, South Jutland University Centre.
1985-1989: Research fellow, Cooperative Research Unit, South Jutland University Centre.
1985: Substituting lecturer, Institute of Political Science, Aarhus University.
1982-1985: Research fellow, Cooperative Research Unit, South Jutland University Centre.

Selected research projects:
2005-2008: ”European Action Plan of Organic Food and Farming. Development of criteria and procedures for the evaluation of the EU Action Plan for Organic Agriculture”. Financing: EU FAIR.
2004-2005: “From Agriculture Policy to Food Policy – the development of public administration within agriculture and food production 1980-2004.” Financing: The Danish Social Science Research Council.
2003-2004: Danish subcontractor on project on “EU Organic Farming Policy” EUCEEOFP. Financing: EU QLK5.
1997-2000: Danish partner in "Effects of the CAP-reform and possible further developments on organic farming in the EU". Financing: EU FAIR 3.
1996-1999: Project manager in "Societal and Environmental Consequences of different strategies for dissemination of organic farming systems". Financing: The National Environmental Research programme.
1993-1997: Manager of 3 subprojects of the project 'The interrelations among agricultural production, human values and rules', governed by National Institute of Animal Science. Financing: Research Secretariat of Danish Ministry of Agriculture.

Selected research conferences and seminars 
2009: The 13th IRSPM (International Research Society on Public Management) Conference 6-8 April in Copenhagen. 
2008: The 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Boston, panel Comparative Public Policy. 
2008: XV NOPSA Conference, University of Tromsø, Norway, workshop Regulatory Reform and Policy Changes. 
2005: XIV Nordic Political Science Association (NOPSA) Conference, 10-14 August, Reykjavik - Workshop: Scandinavian Corporatism at a Crossroad?
2005: European Consortium for Political Reserach Joint Sessions of Workshops, 14-19 April, Granada - Workshop: Making EU Policy Work.
2005: Midwest Political Science Association Conference, 7-10 April, Chicago - Workshop:European Politics.
2004: Conference: Political Food Consumption, 23-24 August, Aarhus, FELFO.
2002: OECD Workshop on Organic Agriculture, 23-26 September, Washington.
2002: XIII Nordic Political Science Association (NOPSA) conference, 15-17 August, Aalborg – Workshop: Evaluation.
2001: European Conference: “Organic Food and Farming. Towards Partnership and Action in Europe”, organised by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
2001: European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions of Workshops, 6-11 april, Grenoble – Workshop: New Environmental Policy Instruments.
2000: European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions of Workshops, 14-19 april, København – Workshop: The politics of food.

Selected professional positions 
2011-: Head of Studies and chairman of Studyboard for Political Science

2009- 2011: Member of Editorial Board for the international journal Organic Agriculture

2009-: Peer reviewer, International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology.
2008-: Member of the Study Board BA and Master of Political Science, SDU.
2007-: Peer reviewer, Journal of European Public Policy.
2006-: Peer reviewer, Food Policy.
2006-: Peer reviewer, Agriculture and Human Values.
2003-2004: Coordinator, Studies of BA. and Master of Environmental Planning, SDU.
2001: Member of Think Tank of Forum of Food Politics, appointed by the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.
1999 – 2000: Head of Department of Policy Studies, SDU.
1999 – 2000: Member of Ph.D. study board, Faculty of Social Sciences, SDU.
1998 – 2001: Member of Reference group concerning Southern Jutland as Organic Development Region.
1998 – 1999: Member of Ministry of Agriculture's committee on forwarding organic non-food production.
1996-: Peer reviewer, 'Sociologia Ruralis'.
1994 – 1998: Member of "Editorial Board" for Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics.
1992 – 2000: Member of Danish Ministry of Agriculture's committees on research in organic agriculture.

Selected publications
Michelsen, J. 2009 ‘The Europeanization of organic agriculture and conflicts over agricultural policy’ Food Policy 3/2009. 
Michelsen, J., C. Eichert , O. Schmid 2009 'Stakeholder involvement in policy processes – solution or problem? The case of action plans for organic food and farming in Europe'. Paper prepared for the 13th IRSPM Conference 6-8 April in Copenhagen.
Michelsen, J. 2008 ’A Europeanization deficit? The impact of EU organic agriculture regulations on new member states’. Journal of European Public Policy 15/1, pp. 117-134.
Michelsen, J, 2008 “Serial Punctuation? The Decline of the Agricultural Policy Monopoly in Denmark” prepared for panel Comparative Public Policy at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Boston.
Michelsen, J, 2008 “Changes of agriculture and food policy – the Danish case” prepared for workshop Regulatory Reform and Policy Changes at XV NOPSA Conference, University of Tromsø, Norway.
Michelsen, J., Kurt Klaudi Klausen og Carsten Strømbæk Pedersen 2004: Kommunernes styring af de store institutionsområder – en spørgeskemaundersøglse af et repræsentativt udsnit af danske kommuner. Politologiske Skrifter 2/2004. Odense: Institut for Statskundskab, Syddansk Universitet.
Klausen, Kurt K. og J. Michelsen 2004: Institutionslederen – en undersøgelse af vilkår for ledelse i kommunale institutioner. København: Ledernes Hovedorganisation.
Michelsen, J., Lynggaard, K., Padel, S. and Foster, C. 2001: Organic farming development and agricultural institutions: a study of six countries. Organic Farming in Europe: Economics and Policy, vol. 9, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart.
Michelsen, J. 2001: “Recent development and political acceptance of organic farming in Europe”. Sociologia Ruralis vol.41/1, pp. 3-20.
Michelsen, J. 2001: “Organic farming in a regulatory perspective. The Danish case”. Sociologia Ruralis vol.41/1, pp. 62-84.
Michelsen, J., Hamm, U., Wynen, E. and Roth, E. 1999: The European market for organic products: growth and development. Organic Farming in Europe: Economics and Policy, vol. 7, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart.

Research areas

Main research fields: Public policy; public administration; policy analysis; implementation; europeanization. 

Main fields of interest: Political change; public management; EU; agricultural policy; food policy; organic food and farming, public administration.

The primary research area is agriculture and food policy where Johannes Michelsen is working on several projects. One project is about the change of agricultural policy towards food policy in Denmark and internationally, which received support from the Danish Social Science Research Board. The thesis is that the agricultural policy originally was governed on the basis of a tight policy network of farming organisations and the ministry, while the current food policy is based on much broader collective consumption concerns such as consumer choice, the environment, public health and animal welfare. The thesis is elaborated in several new projects. Another research area is the development of the political regulation of organic food and farming in Denmark and in the EU ans issue on which Johannes Michelsen has published several international books and articles comparing the development and the impact of regulation in old and new EU member states. 

Earlier projects have included issues such as:

  • Leadership in municipal wefare institutions.
  • Dissemination, socio-economic and organisational importance and regulation og limited liability companies. 
  • Regulation of markets for organic food.
  • Analyses of organic farmers' background, attitudes and behaviour regarding regulation and the food markets.
  • Analyses of farmers' attitudes to and governance of their co-operatives.
  • Mapping all Danish co-operatives.
  • Nordic and international projects on co-operatives and on organic food and farming.