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Research areas

Economic development and innovation in rural areas 
Quality of life in rural areas depends profoundly on the availability of jobs. Many municipalities and communities have a strong focus on job creation and on the adequate support to business related activities. The research contributes to a more detailed understanding of the economic development at community levels, and it provides evidence of characteristics, causes, contexts and consequences.
Over the years, economic activities in rural areas have become more heterogeneous, and there is a plea for multifunctionality and synergy. The research concerns itself with the use of natural resources as cornerstones in rural innovation.

A main field of research is innovation in tourism. Renewal processes in rural tourism are affected by technological development and other external forces. However, the development of rural tourism also depends on the cooperation and active knowledge transfer among local stakeholders. Local Action Groups and regional tourism destination management organisations (DMOs) are main actors in rural tourism, and the research investigates operations and outcomes.

Landscapes and villages are in constant change. Rural areas are under pressure due to outmigration and altered agricultural production methods. There is a need to address the role of planning in new ways and to scrutinize the available planning instruments, including participatory models. The research deals with the transformation in the rural areas and the creation of new qualities and attractions.


1986: Ph.d. from Aalborg University, Institute for Planning and Development
1981: MA Planning architect from Aarhus School of Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning Department 
1980: HD (business diploma) in organisation and management from Aarhus Business School

Work career
2011- :  Professor mso, Director of Danish Centre for Rural Research, University of Southern Denmark
2009-2010: Associate professor at University of Southern Denmark, Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Culture (part time) 
1999-2011: Independent contract researcher and consultant, active in collaborative national and international research
1997-1999: Associate research professor at Aarhus Business School, Department of Organisation and Management.
1991-1997: Independent contract researcher and consultant, active in collaborative national and international research.
1984-1991: Consultant and project manager at Nellemann, consulting engineers and planners, 1984-1986 in an industrial Ph.D. programme
1981-1984: Researcher at AKF, Local governments’ research institute. In 1982 part time at NordREFO: Nordic Institute for Regional Research.

External activities (selected)

2012-2013: Member of governmentally appointed committee examining national growth strategies in tourism

2012-: Resource editor of Annals of Tourism Research

2012-: Participation in a preparatory group management by Exeter University for an EU-COST project covering issues of ecosystems management and tourism/leisure development

2011-: Project evaluator for the Norwegian Research Council

2011-: Scientific board member at the Interreg supported Vital Rural Area project

2011-: Advisory board member for rural program initiatives by the foundation Realdania

2010 -: Partner in the INNOTOUR.com project – an international learning platform for tourism development and the related TEFI network of educators in tourism.

2010 - : Member of scientific board at “Nordic Insights” financed by of Norges Forskningsråd.

2006-2011: Scientific member in a Nordic research group on tourism innovation and wellbeing in tourism, funded by Nordic Innovation Centre.

2004-2008: Participation in a Leonardo da Vinci project on management development and learning.

2004 -: Associate editor at Scandinavian Journal for Hospitality and Tourism Research.

2000-2002: Co-management of a European group of researchers in food tourism.

Research information

Publications Revised November 2013


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