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Education: M.Sc., Chemistry and Nuclear Physics, Aarhus University, 1974.
Scolarship at the CERN, ISOLDE Project (Isotope Separation On-Line Facility), 1972-74, Geneva, Switzerland.
Member of: Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), American Associa¬tion of Physics Teachers, American Chemical Society, International Water Association, European Membrane Society
Foreign languages: English (written and spoken), German (spoken), French (spoken).

Professional experience and key qualifications:

2006- Ass. Prof., Institute of Chemical Engineering, Bio-, and Environmental Technology, University of Southern Denmark

2002- 2006 Head of Centre (TUFCO), Technical Innovation and Research Centre, Odense, SDU.
TUFCO is primarily organising collaborative major research projects in the field of Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Microbiology in engineering at the Faculty of Science, SDU and in collaboration with private companies in Denmark, Europe and USA.

1990-2002 BIOSCAN A/S
R&D Manager. Project co-ordinator of EU projects and participating in collaborative research projects in Europe, USA, and Africa in the fields of Technical Microbiology and Chemical Engineering. Special field: Membrane assisted processes.

1988-90 Dansk Biomiljø ApS
Managing Director. Product development of control instru¬ments applied in biotechnological fermentors. Participation in projecting biogas and wastewater treatment plants.

1985-88 Roulunds Fabriker A/S
Project Manager. Product development of new production methods (FMS and LEAN concepts) for polymers and rubber products.

1984 A/S Samfundsteknik
Consulting chemist. Industrial pollution, wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants. Special field: Polymer based production.

1983-84 Roulunds Fabriker A/S
Manager of R & D department for conveyor belts (compoun¬ding, construction and test of rubber compounds).

1979-83 JEBU-Consult, Svendborg
Engineer. Projecting and constructing solar energy and biogas plants.

1974-83 Teaching physics and chemistry at Midtfyns Gymnasium

Refereeing: Referee for Publications in International Water Association., Jour. Membr, Sci., Biotechn. and Bioeng., Desalination, and Bioresource Technology

PhD education: Co-principal Investigator and advisor in NSR- Science and Technology Centre WATERCAMPWS at University of Illinois, USA. Co-advisor for three PhD students working in the project. (link: http://cee.uiuc.edu/research/morgenroth/showproject.asp?project_id=3 )- main contribution: Consultancy on construction of laboratory anaerobic membrane digester equipment. Hydraulic and flux calculations in ultra filtration operations of biogas effluents.


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