Pushing forward the frontiers of research methods in economics and economic history

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I have been one of the first economists to:

1) Collect large, historical data from biographies of famous artists (in the years 2009-2010), which I analyzed and published in: Birth Location, Migration and Clustering of Important Composers: Historical Patterns, joint with John O'Hagan.

2) Write a computer application which systematically scraps data from online directionaries in an automated way (2010-2011), which I published in: Historical Patterns Based on Automatically Extracted Data: the Case of Classical Composers, joint with John O'Hagan.

3) Apply linguistic analysis software to written correspondence in order to illuminate emotional well-being of a person (2014-2015), which I published in: How Are You, My Dearest Mozart? Well-being and Creativity of Three Famous Composers Based on their Letters.

4) Obtain key-attributes of music compositions in order to measure the style of the creative work of an artist, which is work in progress: The Transmission of Creativity: Evidence from Western Music, ca. 1450-1920.
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