Description of impact

Cultural heritage has enormous potential in terms of its contribution to improving the quality of life for people, understanding the past, assisting territorial cohesion, driving economic growth, opening up employment opportunities and supporting wider developments such as improvements in education and in artistic careers.

I have been shaping and participating in the debate surrounding the cultural heritage domain in a changing world, which involved policy makers, funding bodies, managers of cultural heritageinstitutions and interdisciplinary academics.

My contributions included publications, policy briefs, co-creation of relevant networks and platforms.

My insights have been presented at the UNESCO Institute for Statistics in Montreal, at policy seminars in Brussels and Berlin, and at specialized conferences.

My book Cultural Heritage in a Changing World, joint with Neil Forbes and Antonella Fresa (Eds.), has been downloaded more than 200.000 times.

Keynote: "International Conference on Cultural Heritage", Pisa, specialized audience of ca. 200
Category of impactPublic policy