A Novel Flexoelectric Voltage-Sensing Mechanism in Membrane Proteins

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Health and Neuroscience: The physiological impact of FE is wide, and spans hearing, pain, heat sensation, and transmission of the action potential in nerves, energy storage and signalling. Using the design principles that we discover, we will search for such sensors in membrane proteins, potentially unmasking an entirely new voltage-sensing mechanism in ICs, which of course, are major drug targets for a large variety of diseases and neurological
disorders such as serious cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and atherosclerosis26. IC conformational equilibrium can also be influenced by changes in LM mechanical properties induced by ΔVTM, based on flexoelectric coupling.
Biomedical and Biotechnological Devices: The VSP design devised here can be used in biomedical applications where a rapid response to voltages and mechanical deformations must be measured with high fidelity, such as in the development of hearing devices.
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