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Global Economic Symposium speaker, Rio de Janeiro

Pieter Vanhuysse (Participant)

Impact: Economic, Public policy

Founder & Lead Author

Katharina Woermann (Participant)

Impact: Other

National Drone Regulation

Niklas Woermann (Participant)

Impact: Public policy

Policy impact (national drone regulation)

Domen Bajde (Participant)

Impact: Public policy

Den kloge grænse

Dorte Jagetic Andersen (Participant)

Impact: Social

Strategic Innovation Management (Open Exed BMI Vilnius Lith.)

Max von Zedtwitz (Participant)

Impact: Other

Strategic R&D Management (Exed in Russian MNC)

Max von Zedtwitz (Participant)


Editor of Special Issue, Journal of Sociology

Ian Woodward (Participant) & Farida Fozdar (Participant)

Impact: Academic