Use of hypnotic drugs among children, adolescents and young adults in Scandinavia



The dataset contains information about use of hypnotics in the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The categories of hypnotics described are: N05CH01 - Melatonine, N05CF* - Z drugs and R06AD* - H1 receptor antagonists. The dataset consists of 2 files: drug_use.csv census.csv Drug and census data were derived from the following national resources in the public domain: Drug statistics data: (download date: 2020.06.15) (download date: 2020.12.06) (download date: 2020.11.26) Census data: (download date: 2020.06.12) (download date: 2020.06.15) (download date: 2020.06.12) The source data owners take no responsibily for interpretation or analysis of data performed by third parties. Source data owners should be attributed when data are used. Consult data owners websites for details about attribution. File descriptions: drug_use.csv This file contains aggregated information about the total number of unique users and the total amount of drug daily doses, by the categorical variables atc, year, country, sex and age. The categorical variables have the following valuesets country (DK, NO, SE, SC), SC means Scandinavia and includes DK, SE and NO year (2012 - 2019) age (5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 5-24) sex (M,F, MF), MF means Male and Female The variables prev_pr_1000 and ddd_pr_1000 are the results of dividing the variables n_users and ddd by the total population size (npop) in that country, year, agegroup and sex category. These census informations are also available in the census.csv file. Since ddd information is only available in Norway and Denmark, the ddd_pr_1000 for Scandinavia is based only on data from Denmark and Norway. The denominator for this calculation is in the variable called npop_excl_se. census.csv This file contains census data for each country grouped by sex and age in one year intervals. Use this file if you want to calculate population denominators for alternative aggregations of data in the drug_use.csv file
Date made available20. May 2021

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