Room-level occupant counts using heterogeneous sensing modalities from a teaching and office building



The research areas of occupant sensing and occupant behavior modeling are lacking comprehensive public datasets for providing baseline results and fostering data-driven approaches. This data descriptor covers a dataset collected via sensors on room-level occupant counts together with related data on indoor environmental quality. The dataset comprises 44 full days, collated in the period March 2018 to April 2019, and was collected in a public building in Northern Europe. Sensor readings cover three rooms, including one lecture room and two study zones. The data release contains two versions of the dataset, one which has the raw readings and one which has been upsampled to a one-minute resolution. The dataset can be used for developing and evaluating data-driven applications, occupant sensing, and building analytics. This dataset can be an impetus for the researchers and designers to conduct experiments and pilot studies, hence used for benchmarking.
Date made available11. Nov 2019

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