University course in occupational health research



University course in occupational health research
This is the first test of the feasibility of the course with one student from The International Maritime University in Panamá. Later standard data on GHQ12 will be collected in university classes like in Thailand and the student will use the data for his own Bachelor thesis.

Course provider MAHRE-Net by Olaf Jensen, MD, Ph.D., Centre for Maritime Health and Society, Department of Public Health, Southern Danish University, Denmark, +50767417008

All students and professionals with an interest in occupational and public health research

Course fee
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The primary purpose of the course is to provide the students with the necessary tools to understand and apply health research results in daily life in order to maintain a high professional level and ensure an updated and evidence-based prevention and treatment. Further, the course is intended to prepare the students for scientific-based university thesis work with data collection in school classes or by other methods, analysis of the data and to do a literature review as the main part of the thesis. Further, the aim is to train the course participants to carry out minor research projects under supervision to be internationally published and to inspire all participants to actively engage in health research and teaching. The course is focused on epidemiological occupational health research, but as the same research method is used in other health specialties, the course should be useful for all students and professionals in health. As the literature background in health research is quite voluminous, the participants have to select the reading after their own personal interest. This is the first course round and new courses are planned later, depending on the interest.

Zoom meetings

To be adapted according to wishes

Most of the study materials are bilingual, English and Spanish.

Study Hours
1 hour Zoom meeting every week /Friday and 5 hours self-study per week,
in total 80 hours study time over 3 months or more months if needed.

Target groupBachelor