Think Business - ideation (Semester Project 2 IB)



The students will work in groups of 3-5. By following the steps of methodized design the students will generate ideas for a new product based on a certain technology. The students will focus on the front end of the innovation process and analyze application areas, customer and user needs, market attractiveness and technical feasibility. The students are expected to have a proof of concept by the end of the semester. The knowledge, skills and competencies gained in the module will be explored further during the next semester where the proof of concept phase moves into the next stage of prototyping.

Building on the skills and competencies in research methods achieved in DIB1IB, the students will during the module get familiar with qualitative methods, data collection and analysis. The semester project will thus focus on collecting and analysing data using a qualitative data collection method.

The main topics are:
•Technical feasibility studies
•Interplay between technology and use
•Customer need analysis
•Market research
•Product design and product development
Period01/02/2013 → …
Target groupBachelor
ECTS credits10 ECTS