This elective course is designed as a MA level introduction into the complex historical, political, military, humanitarian and economic dimensions of the Syrian conflict (2011-present). Students will be introduced to the genesis of the constellation of key players and concepts in Syria and the Middle East region. One of the main features of this conflict is the prominent use of digital media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter), while at the same time referring to its historic heritage. The course will critically explore these overlapping dimensions through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Students will have the opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary project groups by analyzing and contextualizing media content related to historic, humanitarian, political and military topics produced on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

By the end of the course, students are expected to have an overview of the basic literature for Syria and to have developed basic tools for a critical analysis of a complex conflict with local, regional and global actors.
Target groupMaster
ECTS credits10 ECTS