My teaching philosophy follows the approach to combine the current insights
of high-level research with practical examples as well as current events and developments. The tools, students acquire in class may enable them to make informed decisions in a complex and uncertain world.

In the lectures, I use slides to provide students with the main input. To promote attention, participation, and interactivity, I also use elements in my lectures such as anonymous online voting (e.g. multiple choice questions or short surveys) before during the class that contributes to securing learning objectives.

Main elements of my classes are usually student presentations - for example of case studies they prepared in group work. Moreover, I am to facilitate student discussions that can be prepared and discussed with each other in smaller groups.

Especially seminars and master events increasingly include individual and group work based on teaching case studies. Students learn to apply the theoretical content they learned and need to critically reflect on new theoretical and practical problems. With the constant improvement of my courses, I work on the basis of feedback discussions with the students as well as regular course evaluations.
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