Since 2012, I have gained broad teaching experience across institutions (Duke University, University of Southern Denmark) at various levels of graduate/professional education (MMS, MBA, EMBA, JD, M.Sc.) and within different subjects (Strategic management, Law, Statistics). Over the years, my teaching responsibilities ranged from grading student assignment/exam submissions and conducting business case discussions (as a teaching assistant) to constructing new courses, formulating exam questions, and giving class lectures (as an instructor). Class sizes have ranged from few than 30 students (e.g. elective courses) to more than 400 students (e.g. Core MBA courses).

My main teaching interests relate to three domains:

1.    Business and Corporate Strategy

2.    Entrepreneurship and Business Development

3.    Data Analysis and Statistical Methods

University of Southern Denmark

2019 – present    Business Strategy (M.Sc. – Instructor)

2019 – present    Research Methods in Strategy and Organizations (M.Sc. – Instructor)

2019 – present    Business Development (M.Sc. – Instructor)

2019 – present    Corporate Strategy and Organization Design (M.Sc. – Instructor)

Duke University

Spring 2018    Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy (JD – teaching assistant)

2015 & 2018   Emerging Market Strategy (EMBA, MBA – teaching assistant)

2012 – 2016    Foundations of Strategy (MBA – teaching assistant)

2014 – 2015    Entrepreneurial Strategy (MBA – teaching assistant)

2013 – 2015    Principles of Strategy (MMS – teaching assistant)

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