Reliability Analysis and Design of Northern Fyn Medium Voltage Grid



This project focuses on analyzing the current status of electrical grid, on the medium voltage level, 10kV, on the northern part of Fyn. The reason for the choice of area to be examined can be summed up in three points.
The first reason is that it is a mixture of rural areas, large greenhouses, cities, summer/vacation housing as well as industrial sites. This indicates that an area of this size, in the coming years will see an increase in the demand for electricity, not only for electrical cars, but also for heat pumps.
The second reason is that the utilities company responsible for the electrical grid, Vores Elnet, has already identified the area as challenged regarding the medium voltage grid. This became noticeably clear during the very cold month of February 2021 where high power demands and radials with very long cables almost resulted in both overloaded transformers and poor voltage quality together with severe challenges to maintaining N-1 backup capacity.
The third reason is derived from the two first points, and the political decision to bring down CO2 by 70% by 2030 on a national level. As a result of this, the already strained grid and increase in power demand will require identification of problem zones and a plan on how and where to reinforce the existing grid
Target groupBachelor