The purpose of the course is to give the students an introduction to project management, i.e. basic knowledge of project development and management. The students must be able to identify project opportunities and develop project designs. The course teaches project management within project types in the public and private sectors. The student will therefore be able to contribute to the management of projects in practice broadly considered. Examples and cases will, however, to a certain extent be natural science projects, e.g. environmental projects, health projects and nature-related projects.

The teaching is organized with a focus on the central learning objectives knowledge of project development and management, identification of project opportunities and development of project design within a broad field that spans nature, environment, communication, communication and media. To promote these goals, lectures, field trips and project work are used in a combination that develops the student's ability to prepare and reflect on project design as a solution to an identified problem.

The course is taught across departments at the Faculty of Science and across bachelor's, master's and PhD levels.
Target groupMaster
ECTS credits10 ECTS