Project Management
Bachelors level HA/BA course (5 ECTS)
This course aims at giving the student a foundation for acting as project manager by going beyond project planning and into issues related to management of people and the organizational context in which the project is situated. The course therefore aims at developing the students’ knowledge of concepts, theories and methods of project management. The course thus gives the student knowledge about project planning, project organization, controlling and follow-up as well as leadership issues related to project management. The course also aims at giving the students skills in applying the concepts, theories and methods to real-world situations and in presenting the project for an audience in a structured manner.

Content - Key areas:
The key areas of this course are the central areas, characterizing the project planning process:
Project characteristics
Pitfalls in project management
Foundation of the project
Customer needs
Milestone planning
Milestone responsibility
Product specifications
Planning and controlling
Financial control
Quality assurance
Project culture and exception handling
Different approaches for handling projects, certifications and standards

Goals description (SOLO taxonomy):
The student must be able to demonstrate knowledge of concepts, theories, and methods; and skills in using them on such a level that he/she is able to, for a non-familiar case

In a team, analyze the project conditions and based on this produce a clear and well-structured project proposal for a fictive decision maker by correctly applying relevant methods, models, and theories to the case. The project proposal must contain relevant elements as indicated in “Key areas”.
Present the project proposal for a fictive decision maker by a power-point supported oral presentation and reflect on the theory and methods applied.
Target groupBachelor
ECTS credits5,0 ECTS