The course aims to deepen the insight of the students about the basic concepts of physical chemistry, and to use them in a more advanced framework and extend them towards non-ideal behavior, both in the theoretical and also in the experimental part of the course. The students will get more familiar with the dependence of systems on temperature, pressure and composition. Concepts and phenomena of previous courses (KE523 and KE528) will be addressed and clarified. A full written report shall be carried out in scientific format. The course offers a training for the work on bachelor projects and for future professional case. In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to: provide knowledge about the physico-chemical characteristics of chemical systems, develop skills to gather new knowledge and combine it with a specific experimental task, provide skills to break down the task into its specific aspects and establish formal plans and documentation about the activity (on sample making, on data acquisition, making tables, graphing data, etc.) practicing collaboration and communication skills, establish expertise in scientific documentation throughout all elements of the course and report writing in the thesis format.
Target groupBachelor
ECTS credits5,0 ECTS