The course will introduce the major diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices that are in clinical use. While the physiological use will be discussed the main focus is on the technology behind the devices. The course will give both a theoretical introduction and a practical hands-on introduction to this technology. Course content includes: Biomedical Device Systems: Design, Development and Classification Biomedical Device Elements: Sensors, Amplifiers, Filters, Actuators Electrophysiological Devices: Biopotentials, Electrodes, EMG, ECG, EEG Cardiovascular Devices: Blood Pressure, Flow, Volume & Sound Measurements Respiratory Devices: Gas Flow & Composition Measurements, Blood Gas Monitoring Chemical Devices: Measuring the chemical composition of body fluids Laboratory Instruments Therapeutic Devices Device Safety & Regulation Excursions to the University Hospital
Target groupMaster
ECTS credits5,0 ECTS