Master project supervision: "The Life Nerve" - an intra organizational kultural analysis of student recruitment



Master dissertation theme:

High school teachers often find recruitment activities to be one of the least motivating parts of their job. From a management perspective and with the assumption that motivated teachers perform better, it is interesting to understand the causes behind the lack of motivation. In this
thesis, I take an intra-organizational point of view, and by trying to understand the field of tension between management intention and practice, I examine how a private high school recruits new students. In order to study this field of tension in a cultural perspective, I develop an intraorganizational and dynamic culture and interaction model (dykoimi), which I use as an analytical tool. Thus, the thesis contributes to the theory development by combining elements from culture, management, motivation and collaboration theories and can be used to capture
culture in both stabilization and change in relation to the field of tension between
management intention and practice. I find that the culture concerning student recruitment has elements of change in an otherwise stabilized culture. There is no common understanding in the organization, hence both management intention and practice seem individualized, and the discrepancy causes an enhanced field of tension full of unpronounced frustrations.

Kathrine Juul Christiansen
Target groupFurther
ECTS credits30 ECTS