This course is designed for engineering students, who are expected to have insights into project management and team work for e.g.
product development, manufacturing and for operations management. As product development and innovation teams typically collaborate
for the innovation project, knowledge is shared and used across the team members and with external partners. For these project works,
knowledge sharing is crucial and hence management of knowledge and knowledge sharing is vital for the success of the project work.
Within manufacturing and operations management, the manufacturing of parts, components, subassembly, and service are often sourced
or outsourced to a number of sub supplier companies.
The critical issues lie not only in the technical and engineering details, but especially in identifying the right knowledge, the best way to
share knowledge (face-to-face, through social media, through emails or by dissemination of data through ICT), the way to motivate
employees for engaging, and the problems in receiving and utilizing the knowledge for specific problems. The course is using literature
and a set of cases to illustrate and to train the students in the problems and challenges of knowledge management.
Exam = Individual hand in, 7 scale
At the spring course in 2019 more that 80 students with different engineering background was enroled in the course.
Period01/02/2019 → 28/06/2019
Target groupMaster
ECTS credits5,0 ECTS