Ke822: Organic Chemical Analysis and Separation



The aim of the course is to be trained in laboratory skills in organic chemistry, especially for workup and identification of organic compounds. The course forms therewith a basis for further chemistry and pharmacy courses and for completion of a Bachelor of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry or pharmacy. Furthermore, it forms the course background for pharmacy students to continue studies in medicinal chemistry and drug development, and for chemistry students’ further studies in organic synthesis and materials chemistry, and chemical engineering students’ further studies in process engineering.
The course builds on the knowledge acquired in the first-year course FF503 or equivalent with a basic level of general and organic chemistry and subsequent courses in organic chemistry KE505 and spectroscopy KE504. The course is based on the fact that the students are in the third year of studies for a degree in chemistry, pharmacy or chemical engineering, so that they can relate the course to other disciplines in chemistry, for example biochemistry, spectroscopy, chemical engineering, physical chemistry or inorganic chemistry.
Target groupMaster
ECTS credits5,0 ECTS