The aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the many complex issues involved in globalization processes with special attention to business and consumer culture. This will be done by introducing theories of internationalization and global consumer cultures that fundamentally has globalization as perspective.

After a condensed introduction to globalization processes, the course will focus on analysis of how globalization affect business cultures and strategies and alters consumer practices. The focus in this part of the course is the highly innovative and global firm.

The course constitutes a foundation for understanding international efforts of firms as well as the new global market conditions in which new products are developed, introduced and consumed.

In the Law part of the course (1/4):

Proves knowledgeable of the subject topics, so the student is able to:

Identify the relevant sources esp. in the CISG
Identify the relevant facts in a particular case
Account for the interaction between the legal sources
Period01/02/2021 → …
Target groupMaster
ECTS credits5,0 ECTS