The course provides the students with an overall view on what innovation is, what are the key innovation activities, and how is innovation managed? The course aims at providing the students with a basic understanding of innovation, the definition and components of innovation, the special ingredients needed, and the management of such activities. A specific emphasis will be put on the various stages of product development. The course takes a specific interest in linking to the specific engineering disciplines attending the course through the cases.

The students are introduced to the concept of innovation, the reasons for innovating and the innovative organization. The course proceeds by looking at the sources for innovation, selection among ideas for new innovations, the processes for developing new products, and finally the effects of innovations on the firm. Special topics like design, creativity, production preparation etc. are included based on the student group’s background.

The course is adaptive to the various lines of engineering that the students represent. It will ensure to link the various lines of engineering to the theoretical framework and the empirical material, which will be used during the course. The case work and the mandatory group assignment will be based on cross-disciplinarity among the engineering background of the students.
Target groupBachelor
ECTS credits5,0 ECTS